Make yourself someone they want to talk to…

I recently asked a young person what they thought it took to be an effective networker. The headline was her answer. I knew this but had never heard it put in such perceptive words. Learning something every day is the key to staying at the top of your game, I believe. So, how do you and I make ourselves someone others want to talk to? Here’s my thoughts ·      Because so …Read More

After the event… don’t do nothing!!

Immediately after the event When you meet a prospect at an event please don’t waste the potential opportunity….. FOLLOW UP ·      Record your follow up actions so you don’t forget. When you have promised to call a prospect, put it in your diary as if it’s an appointment with an existing client. Don’t forget to record the number they agreed to allow you to call. ·      If the contact date is longer …Read More

The Choreography of a Conversation

  Choreography is the art or practice of designing sequences of physical actions into attractive dance, ice skating or ballet movements. So how can I align this to a conversation? Whilst I do not wish to make it firm, which is often expected in physical movement, I do believe there are 4 main ‘steps’ in a conversation at a business event. 1.      This must be the ice-breaker. For example, ‘Where have you travelled from?’ …Read More

Gatekeepers can be your best friend

    After you attended a business event it is time to make that dreaded follow up call. When you finally pluck up courage to make the call , you very often get the dreaded gatekeeper. Do you ever feel prospects and decision maker reside in a gated communities and ‘the guards’ are very effective at their job? It’s tough to get past the gatekeepers — those professionals who “guard” the …Read More

This little fella is why you’re nervous at networking!

If you are a ‘normal’ person, walking into a business event on your own can often be daunting. I know I don’t like walking in when the room is in full flow so I always get there early. Most people I work with tell me their major fears and concerns are ·      Fear of rejection. Will anyone talk to me? ·      Will I be interesting? Yes, you will when you show genuine …Read More

When you and I attend events please remember…

…people more often than not want to know who you are and not what you do or what your job title is. Not in the early stages of a relationship anyway. So when you meet someone new find out about them with an easy ‘ice-breaker’ question. Where have you travelled from? What made you attend this event? What is your connection to our hosts? Small talk is the foundation of …Read More

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