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Why do I get treated so badly? Or is it just me?

Are you like me who offers their services to businesses much bigger than yours? You meet or call people who have asked you to make a proposal to help their company with your expertise and knowledge. No this isn’t cold-calling this is them approaching you. AND then what happens? In spite of following up courteously you get radio silence. In quiet moments I think what awful people to ignore me. …Read More

Are you into breaking and entering when attending business events?

Every event you ever attend never has more than 6 types of formats. They are The person standing alone usually against the wall Couples standing shoulder to shoulder in a ‘v’ formation Trios standing in a semi-circle Couple standing face-to-face Trios standing in a triangle Groups of 4 or more standing in a square or a circle depending on the number. The colours give it away!! When you try to break …Read More


Would you like to return to work after a career break but feel you’ve lost the confidence to get back in the loop? Taking extended time out – perhaps to raise a family, because of illness or a change in circumstances – can make the prospect of going back to work seem especially daunting. But it needn’t be this way. We’ve got a new course running in June 2017  that …Read More

What kind of kindness is the best?

I think it is saying kind words to someone. Congratulating someone, saying they look ‘nice’ or ‘What I like about you is…..’ etc. I started my speaking career when I was an accountant 20+ years ago. I attended a dale Carnegie management course and after one presentation Sue , the coach handed me a handwritten note saying ‘Great talk Will’ . I think that was the spark to leave my accountancy …Read More

How to move on courteously and politely…

CONVERSATION BETWEEN BRIAN THE RELUCTANT NETWORKER AND WILL HIS MENTOR “We’ve agreed no-one likes rejection. We also don’t like rejecting others as we know how it feels ourselves. That is the reason you stood next to Betty, even though you knew the conversation had finished.” “Absolutely correct.” “And when she said, ‘I’m off, bored with you, I’m sure there are more interesting people here,’ you didn’t like it, did you?” …Read More

Mental Preparation is the key to effective networking

How do you feel when you arrive at 7.14 am or 12.14 pm for that network breakfast or lunch? You are warmly greeted by the host, move to the bar and get yourself a drink and if you are not a regular you probably move over to the wall with the guest list.  You go through the guest list to see what table you are on and who your fellow guests are. …Read More

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