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The right and wrong approaches to networking

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Too many people go to business events thinking only ‘What’s in it for me?’ or ‘How can I get these people to buy my services or products?’ Or ‘I must sell something here otherwise it will be a total waste of time’.

Networking is not about;

W.I.I.F.M. – “What’s in it for me?” but much more about
W.I.I.F.Y – “What’s in it for you?” look back at this second acronym and you read wi-fi the modern day way of communication. Apt?!

The most effective marketing for people in the advice-giving business revolves about giving first and receiving second.

The thoughts below are specifically designed to help you get more response to all your marketing efforts and to attract prospects who are qualified to take advantage of your service.

Thought 1. Give away valuable information.

Thought 2. Share valuable resources.

Thought 3. Give free bonuses with your services and products

Thought 4. Give leads and introductions to clients and associates

Thought 5. Send written and emailed thank-you notes.

Thought 6. Give away complimentary sessions by phone and web seminars

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