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“Would you say I am a bit of a ‘con man’?”

The definition of a con man is a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true.

Oh dear is that me? I sincerely hope not but the reason I mention it is because all I do to earn money is tell people to talk to other people!

Networking is simply building relationships and the only way this has been done, since Adam met Eve, was through talking. Well that is until the internet started. Nothing wrong with building relationships through type rather than talk but at the end of the day to build true relationships is to talk to each other.

The three key steps to building social and business relationships are




I believe to really get to like and trust others, in a new relationship, is through meeting and talking. You can only understand others through their body language, their eye contact and their tone of voice. You can’t do that through social media. What you can do through LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook etc however is to start a relationship and then meet if you think that first communication is worth following up.

The next time you go to an event, be proactive and start a conversation; you never know where it may lead.


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