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What to do when a conversation runs dry…

A roomful of moving lips, bright eyes and expectant handshakes can make time fly faster than usual. Networking allows us to put our best foot forward, so you might be tempted to let a conversation drag on for as long as possible, fearful that moving on would be rude.

But you must never forget that networking should be selective if you want to make useful gains. You aren’t going to hit the bullseye every time – far from it actually. So the minutes you waste with someone who isn’t a good match for your business could be better spent with a fresh contact who is.

But how do you move on, without offending?

Watch my video to find out

It’s definitely worth making a smooth exit once you’ve gathered that there’s nothing left to say. There are two ways to do this – Parking or Dumping. Only one of them is the right approach.

The Dump is performed when you leave abruptly, and obviously, without good manners. It’s far better to Park someone by giving them an option to join you elsewhere, or giving a reason to leave.

Human psychology is an amazing thing; understanding how people respond to your exit strategy will turn you into a networking maestro, making every session more lucrative.

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