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They keep ignoring you but…

…it’s all about their priorities when it comes to the follow up.


I hate cold calling so never do it. But when I get an inquiry to do training or presenting I of course send a proposal ASAP. And then it goes quiet. So what should be done?

I often send this after a call and an email



I am just checking my emails to you arrived as I haven’t heard from you.

I do appreciate life is all about ‘to do lists’ and priorities so I often think if I do nothing I may well go right down the to do list, drop off at the bottom and get forgotten!

So here I am again suggesting we have an old-fashioned phone call

Having said that don’t you just hate it when people pester you?

But when it comes to business development I always think I am helping develop my clients’ businesses after sharing my knowledge and expertise by developing their networking skills. The result for them? More business opportunities, more self-confidence more business development activity.


This is me at ‘work’. It gives you a flavour of my knowledge.

And here I am having a fireside chat about what it takes to be a top class networker

Is it possibly now time for us talk further?

Please do GIVE ME GUIDANCE  about following up. If you would rather I didn’t do tell me and I won’t!

Kind Regards



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