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There’s only one reason we go networking and that is….



We are looking for our ” Ahaa’ moment”

In any conversation when we ask perceptive and insightful questions and listen carefully we should nearly always gain something useful from the interaction. I call it the “ahaa” moment. It is that point in time when we have a sudden insight or realisation when the other person tells you something

It could be just one sentence so listen carefully!

The moment happens when someone says something relating to one of the items below making you think,

“Ahaa, there’s an opportunity here to…………….”

·      Broker introductions to others

·      Find a new employee for your team or a new employer

·      Find out what the competition is doing

·      Find potential suppliers

·      Gain useful market information

·      Hear if a prospect is unhappy with their existing advisors or suppliers

·      Hear if your client isn’t 100% happy with your service

·      Increase your general business knowledge

·      Meet key people and decision makers

·      Offer free advice

·      Raise your own and your company’s profile

·      Reinforce existing relationships

·      See if an existing client needs other services

·      Spot when someone has a challenge you could possibly solve

This pipeline shows where the Ahaa moment fits in to the process starting with the acceptance of an invitation through to meeting a prospect. When the ahaa moment relates to potential new business that should signal to you that you need to start the follow up process.


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