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The Thrill of the Chase

When you hear the phrase “the thrill of the chase”, it refers to the excitement I and many others feel when trying hard to get something. People who adore the thrill of the chase know struggling with difficulties and setbacks but then achieve a highly satisfying result, is well-worth striving for.

Do you feel like that in your business? I know I do and it’s all about attracting new clients and business. But it’s not about selling just to gain the growth in your bank account. For me it is about giving outstanding value and ensuring I always exceed my clients’ expectations. I just love presenting and training on my topic “How to become a more effective and confident networker” but I enjoy, nearly as much, the lead up to getting that contract signed. I see the follow up after an enquiry as the thrill of the chase. When they accept my proposal it is my chance to help grow my clients’ business through my knowledge and expertise.

And when I start to get radio silence after a while I don’t pester but always ask the prospect to guide me about following up. I say ‘Please tell me if you would rather I didn’t get in touch again.’ And if they say ‘no thanks’ fine…move on. It’s just business don’t take it personally.


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