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The Choreography of a Conversation


Choreography is the art or practice of designing sequences of physical actions into attractive dance, ice skating or ballet movements.

So how can I align this to a conversation?

Whilst I do not wish to make it firm, which is often expected in physical movement, I do believe there are 4 main ‘steps’ in a conversation at a business event.

1.      This must be the ice-breaker. For example, ‘Where have you travelled from?’ ‘What do you hope to get from attending this event?’ ‘How do you know our hosts?’ Avoid’ What do you do?’ that can come later.

2.      The small talk. This is where we get to know the person rather than their work. Avoid politics and religion and beware when asking direct questions about peoples’ families. You can find out about their family by asking ‘What do you do when you’re not working?’

3.      Questions about their business. Be aware some people don’t want to say too much so watch their eye movements when listening for their answer. A 3-step sequence here can be, 1 knowing what they do now, 2 how they got to that position, 3 what plans they have going forward.

4.      The follow up questions. When you believe the conversation, is worth following up after the initial contact suggest you call, yes call, to arrange a meeting or a ‘virtual coffee’ i.e. a meeting without travel. With Skype or the old-fashioned call this could be an efficient way to establish if there is a true basis for a potential business opportunity.

I hope you see the connection between physical movement and conversations!


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