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Practical and Powerful Networking Tips – 19


We work with thousands of delegates when we hold our workshops, seminars and conferences and can confidently that state more than 98% of people don’t like networking, find it uncomfortable, or if they don’t mind it, generally find the results disappointing.

If you are in the professional and service sector most of your business comes from referrals, recommendations and introductions. That’s great; it shows you have a good name and provide a high level of service.


Doesn’t this mean that you are fully dependent on third parties to dictate the speed of growth of your business? In other words, you are re-active and not proactive when it comes to marketing yourself, your firm and its services.

Take Control!

Becoming a more effective and more confident networker puts you in charge of how fast your top line of fees or sales increases.

Reading this will give you lots of simple advice and practical ideas on how to become the person who is comfortable attending any event and, when spotting potential opportunities, knows what to do to create additional business.

The guiding principle of networking is to give first and receive second. Experienced networkers have an ‘abundance’ mentality, looking to help others on every occasion.


“Give without remembering, receive without forgetting”.

Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco British Author & Poet (1897- 1945)



55. Appreciate that you are not obliged, nor owe it to your fellow guests to spend the whole event with them. They will want to move on just as much as you but invariably don’t know how to do it comfortably.

56. Move on at the appropriate time; you will know when it is. This is not easy and has to be practised. “Well, Joe, it’s been great meeting you. I need to go and see Joanna over there, would you like me to introduce you?”

57. Say, “I’m going to get a drink would you like to join me?” Here you offer options, which are rarely taken up. Don’t leave people alone.


More tips to follow in the next blog…


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