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Practical and Powerful Networking Tips – 5


We work with thousands of delegates when we hold our workshops, seminars and conferences and can confidently that state more than 98% of people don’t like networking, find it uncomfortable, or if they don’t mind it, generally find the results disappointing.

If you are in the professional and service sector most of your business comes from referrals, recommendations and introductions. That’s great; it shows you have a good name and provide a high level of service.


Doesn’t this mean that you are fully dependent on third parties to dictate the speed of growth of your business? In other words, you are re-active and not proactive when it comes to marketing yourself, your firm and its services.

Take Control!

Becoming a more effective and more confident networker puts you in charge of how fast your top line of fees or sales increases.

Reading this will give you lots of simple advice and practical ideas on how to become the person who is comfortable attending any event and, when spotting potential opportunities, knows what to do to create additional business.

The guiding principle of networking is to give first and receive second. Experienced networkers have an ‘abundance’ mentality, looking to help others on every occasion.


“Give without remembering, receive without forgetting”.

Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco British Author & Poet (1897- 1945)



13. Try to obtain the guest lists before you attend events. If that isn’t practical, when possible, ask for a list on arrival. That way you can aim to meet specific people.

14. Set goals when attending each event “I’m going to speak to six new people” or “I’m going to obtain three business cards and follow up” are two examples of setting goals.

15. Give first and receive second should be the attitude when you start networking. If you only think “what’s in it for me?” you are likely to become unpopular. Think more, “what’s in it for you?”


More tips to follow in the next blog…


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