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“Networking’s painful; it’s an unpleasant sales experience”

This is what Caroline said on one of my workshops recently. Fortunately for me that is the view of many people and why I still have a healthy flow of enquiries for my services! In 90 minutes her whole perception had changed when she accepted that the only selling we do is of ourselves, not our company or services. We will only ‘sell’ something when we have built rapport and found that our expertise or product matches a prospect’s needs.

You have heard the hackneyed quote ” People buy people”. I don’t apologise for repeating it here as it is 100% true. It is only when people get to like and trust you will they want to do business. Unless you have a product or service which is unique! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

The person who sells when they meet a new person at an event will find instead of trying to build a relationship they destroy it at the start.

Thank you Caroline for my ‘ahaa moment’ i.e. inspiring me to publish this post


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