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Make yourself someone they want to talk to…

I recently asked a young person what they thought it took to be an effective networker. The headline was her answer. I knew this but had never heard it put in such perceptive words. Learning something every day is the key to staying at the top of your game, I believe.

So, how do you and I make ourselves someone others want to talk to? Here’s my thoughts

·      Because so many people don’t do it, you start the conversation. I go to so many events watching people sit at tables or stand around waiting for others to ‘break the ice’. Just introduce yourself and ask a simple question like, “ Why have you attended this event today?”

·      You want to be the most interesting person in the room surely. How do we do this? Simply be genuinely interested in the other person. Get them on their favourite subject- themselves!

·      Always be polite, friendly and courteous. In the initial stages of a relationship it is simply about the person; not their job, not their role, not their company. We all know ‘people buy people before they buy the product or service’

There are lots more ways to be that person others want to talk to, but 3 will do for the moment.


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