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“Help! Help! Tell me, what is business?”

Can you see it? I can’t?

The simple answer is there is no such thing; it’s just a word. In my opinion what makes a business is simply people communicating in a commercial arena. When you attend events (OMG networking!!) YOU ARE the physical embodiment of the business. There must be no selling of ‘the business’ or its services only of yourself. But never forget, whatever role you have when you attend that event you are “the ambassador for the brand”. How you behave and communicate often dictates what others think about your company as, if they have never had a relationship with it, they may judge what ‘the business’ is all about depending on the personal interaction. So, don’t forget; you are the business.

AFTER I penned this I ran a Google search on the subject and found this “I don’t know what a business is,” said Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. “All a company is is a bunch of people together to create a product or service. There’s no such thing as a business, just pursuit of a goal — a group of people pursuing a goal.”

So I must be on the right track. Billionaire status; here I come. How about this for not getting it quite right?


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