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Chapter 3 – How to prepare for the event (part 2)

More tips on how to prepare for the event…

  • What’s the format and dress code? – always find out if it’s a breakfast meeting, a drinks reception or….? This way you won’t be caught off guard if you’re expecting to mill around a function room in your work suit, but they’re actually doing a general knowledge quiz in casual clothes!
  • Check the timings – Know the start and finishing time. I am supposed to be a confident networker after all I share my knowledge constantly . But I hate walking into a room which is already formed with lots of groups; so how do I avoid it? It’s simple; I plan my diary to arrive there early. That way everyone else has to come in and join me. I’m there early to feel in command and control of the situation.
  • Update yourself on current events in your industry and  local and world news – there’s nothing like being prepared for small talk, and you should be ready to think of things to say if the conversation dries up.
  • Plan for “What do you do?” – the only question you can guarantee to be asked, so make sure your answer is clear and jargon free. Saying you’re an information advisor when librarian would do will only serve to confused.


This is an extract of Will’s book “Business Networking – The Survival Guide: How to make networking less about stress and more about success”

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