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Chapter 3 – How to prepare for the event (part 1)

Don’t worry about the event – one easy way to feel more in control is to do your preparation and planning properly. Would you ever consider having a meeting with a client or prospect without doing some preparation or planning? Of course not. Through proper preparation and planning before a networking event, you’ll help to alleviate any fears you might have.

Also bear in mind that at this event you’ll likely be meeting prospects or even existing clients. It’s really important that you’re prepared, but it’s easy to do.


What should you do before the event?

  1. Try and obtain a guest list – it’s not always possible to get one, but you should always ask. If it’s a smaller event, then call the host instead to ask who’s going.
  2. Identify who you should talk to – when you get the list, read it carefully to see if there is anyone you particularly wish to talk to. One person who you’d like to talk to might make the whole event worthwhile, plus give you someone to chat with.
  3. Find out about the guests – do some online research on those people and on your hosts. LinkedIn and company websites are a great resource. Not only will you find out more about what they do, but you might also discover some shared interests outside of work.
  4. Get directions – ensure you know how to get to the venue, where to park, and which room the event is in.
  5. Don’t forget your business cards – these are key and without them you’ll struggle to pass on your contact details with ease.



This is an extract of Will’s book “Business Networking – The Survival Guide: How to make networking less about stress and more about success”

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