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Business Networking – The Survival Guide: The Invitation

If you’ve been invited to an event through work and not wanted to go, you’re not alone. Many of us have felt uncomfortable going to networking events, but don’t worry it’s entirely natural. Here are some of the common reasons why people don’t like to attend networking events:

Why don’t you want to go?
• I don’t like it – I feel uncomfortable.
• I probably won’t know anyone there
• My hosts hardly recommend any work to us so what’s the point?
• They’re bound to invite 150+ people and I’ll feel like a fish out of water.
• I can’t remember the last time I went and came back thinking it was time well-spent.

All of these reasons are very common, but there are in fact some very good reasons why you should go:

Why should you go?
• Get in the driving seat – it’s a chance for you to raise your own and your organisation’s profile rather than waiting for people to find you.
• It’s a chance for you to develop your business – don’t rely on others to keep sending referrals and making introductions to you. When you get involved you’ll see a real uplift in activity for your business.
• You never know who you might meet – there’s every opportunity you’ll meet a useful contact or a prospective client.
• Raise your personal profile externally – you’ll be noticed by people outside of your firm in and out of your business sector. It’s a great opportunity to broaden your horizons.
• Raise your profile internally – your boss and colleagues will be delighted you’re going to networking events, plus its brownie points for you. Surveys show when you do a great job and you’re visible your chances of promotion are much greater.
• You may learn something – meeting new people in your own or other professions or your local area might reveal some interesting opportunities for you or your business
• You might actually have a good time – everyone one attending a networking event wants to have a good time so you’re all in the same boat.
This is an extract of Will’s book “Business Networking – The Survival Guide: How to make networking less about stress and more about success”

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