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Beautiful networking story

I recently ran a ( complimentary ) networking course for a very deserving charity in Manchester yesterday. At the end Dan said “You don’t remember me but I was on another of your courses a few years ago” “Yes I said I am sorry I don’t remember”. Dan said “I will always remember you”

“Why?” I asked

“Well what happened was on that course I met Bernard who introduced me to one of his clients WHO GAVE US £1,000,000 for our building fund”

Did I feel good …or what? Indeed I did

And the postscript to this was the head of learning and development then asked me to see her in the new year about some paid work. I did have to tell her I did the training purely for altruism and not expecting anything else.

In my opinion the first principle of relationship building ( i.e. networking) is to be kind helpful and supportive and so everyone often wins.


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