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As you and I end one year for the next remember…

“I fear failure and rejection that’s why I don’t….

…follow up as often as I should.” That is the constant cry I hear from delegates when talking about following up after a conversation where you thought “Ahaa there could be some business here”.

As you and I end one year for the next remember you can’t create need but where your expertise matches their problem you are following to ADD VALUE AND SUPPORT not to overtly sell.

The difference between pestering and being persistent is to keep asking permission to follow up and keep in touch (F.U.K.I.T.) and if you start to experience radio silence, suggest they advise you about further follow ups or not.

I recently sent an email to a prospect and got this:

“It is nice to hear from you and far from pestering, more a timely reminder. I initially looked into your workshop for our research population but given internal restructuring, I now see this as a more overarching need across the institute.”

The lady in question then said they were meeting in the New Year and I should then approach Mary.

I DON’T DO NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS but if you do make one say “Every time I think my services will add value I will keep asking for a decision.”

We don’t like hearing no, but no is the second best answer after yes. It saves so much time and reduces uncertainty to nil

Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year. 

Will Kintish

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