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“Are you the networking angel?”

How do we spot her or him sometimes? Networking is about having a generous spirit and the greatest thing any one person can give to another is their full attention .It is generally accepted women are far better listeners than men…it’s just one of the many differences between the behaviours of the two genders when networking. Other traits of angels are

·      They behave like ‘host’. Hosts aim to include as many people as possible

·      You generally see open-formatted groups although, as a natural tendency, women tend to stand in close formats. The reason is they give their full attention to the listener. The only problem with this is others tend to think the woman and her companion are having a private conversation and no-one is likely to join.

·      Angels are welcoming. When they see people on their own their standard opening line will be ‘Would you like to join us?’

·      Angels are good at introducing people. ‘Mary let me introduce you to Jill. Jill goes up hills and collects pails of water. Jill, Mary has a fascinating career. She is a shepherdess and has this amazing ability to get the sheep to go wherever she goes.’

·      Angels give their full attention to people to whom they’re chatting. They don’t look over their shoulders and behave like Bill Clinton. Anyone who has met him will tell you it is an unforgettable experience. Each person says, ‘When he spoke to me I felt I was the only person in the whole world’.

·      Angels have a positive attitude to peoples’ names. They listen for the name; use it and when it is time to introduce one person to another there is no embarrassment.

·      Angels turn up on time.

·      Angels never butt into a conversation but will patiently listen and take their turn at the right moment

·      When an angel joins a group where they know someone and that someone doesn’t introduce you it is because that person has forgotten the names of the other people in that group. The angel will ask if they can introduce themselves.

·      If you are in a room , on your own, an angel will invite you into a group even if they don’t know you

·      Angels are reliable people. When they promise to send you some information which could be useful to you or promise to introduce to someone to your mutual benefit they will do

·      When they promise to call you after an event they will do so…


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