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Are you the beauty or the beast when attending events?

There are nice people and not so nice people when we attend events. I guess everywhere we go that is the same. However, when we attend business events we often sacrifice personal time as a result extend our ‘work’ time. I think the biggest wrongdoing when we go networking is wasting time. Time- our most valuable asset which can never be replaced after we’ve expended it. So, it ‘s a shame when we meet the ‘beasts’ at business events.

Most people I meet are, whilst not obvious beauties, are at least friendly pleasant and polite but as ever there are always exceptions.

Let me share my thoughts on who I see as beauties and those who behave like beasts.

The beauty will

·      smile, give good eye contact and remember our name after you have spoken it

·      ask you about you, what you do, how you got to where you’ve got and what plans you have for your future.

·      play ‘host’ even if they are a guest. If they see someone alone they will invite them to join and generally be inclusive.

·      let the other person do most of the talking

·      be a good listener and encourage others to talk about themselves

The beast will

·      think attending events is wonderful opportunity to sell their service and their company before they build the relationship

·      want to talk and talk about themselves showing little or no interest in you

·      start looking over your shoulder when they decide you’re no use to them

·      follow up even though you have shown no interest in their service or product

·      not understand personal space and stay just too close


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