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Are you into breaking and entering when attending business events?

Every event you ever attend never has more than 6 types of formats. They are

  1. The person standing alone usually against the wall
  2. Couples standing shoulder to shoulder in a ‘v’ formation
  3. Trios standing in a semi-circle
  4. Couple standing face-to-face
  5. Trios standing in a triangle
  6. Groups of 4 or more standing in a square or a circle depending on the number.

The colours give it away!!

When you try to break into 4, 5 or 6 you are behaving like the burglar committing a house crime!!

These groups are communicating they don’t want you there just at that moment and they tell you this from their body language.

Exceptions to every rule

I encourage you to break the guidelines in the following two circumstances

  1. When you know someone in there. That person will welcome you in, generally (!) and hopefully introduce you to the others. If they don’t ensure you introduce yourself to avoid any embarrassment
  2. If you are hosting an event it is your duty to ‘play host’ and introduce yourself with words such as ‘ “Please may I join you, I am one of the team hosting the event this evening. My name is etc etc….”


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