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After the event… don’t do nothing!!

Immediately after the event

When you meet a prospect at an event please don’t waste the potential opportunity….. FOLLOW UP

·      Record your follow up actions so you don’t forget. When you have promised to call a prospect, put it in your diary as if it’s an appointment with an existing client. Don’t forget to record the number they agreed to allow you to call.

·      If the contact date is longer than 5 working days send a note or email saying how much you enjoyed meeting the person and, as promised, that you will call them on the agreed date.

·      Secure the card. Losing it will lose all the information you have gained. Either enter all the details in your database or staple the card to a blank sheet of paper ready to make the call.

·      Annotate all the cards with all relevant information.

1.    Where, when, what type of event, any physical features you think may be useful to help you remember them next time you meet.

2.    A useful piece of small talk to use as a bridge to the next step.

3.    The words they used which gave you a sign there is an opportunity to help one day in the future.

·      If you know the name of their receptionist or secretary record that too.

·      Where appropriate, sending a quick note to fellow guests (prospects and others where you had a meaningful conversation) saying how much you enjoyed meeting them.

·      When you are not paying for the evening always thank the host for inviting you. An email is the least you should send, a hand-written note is best.

·      Taking action over anything you promised to do. Society, generally, is unreliable. Stand out as a beacon and do what you said you’d do. You’ll be remembered, the other person will be impressed and speed always stuns!

·      Start the research on your prospect although you may consider doing this nearer to the date of the call.

·      If you are in a bigger organisation, check around if anyone knows this person or the company they represent. Professional services firms will often do a conflict check.


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