December 2013

When you wake up tomorrow….

You can decide to be happy or miserable or just go through the motions. Personally I love what I’m doing and get a big kick out of helping others with their self-confidence and business development. If you don’t like what you’re doing consider, in great depth, if you ought to be doing something else. Life isn’t a rehearsal, I don’t think, this is the one chance we have to be …Read More

Don’t forget your pen, your business cards and your torch.

Business cards and pen seem fine…but a torch. You don’t actually need a physical one but you do need a mental one. You need it to put the focus on others. One key issue for people is they spend too much time focusing on themselves, hence their nerves when attending an event. When you give your attention to others, be more interested than interesting,and focus on others, you don’t have …Read More

Do you like someone? do they like you?

The three key steps to building relationships is A getting to know people B creating some sort of ‘liking’ C building trust at a later time LIKING The more I think about this step the more I realise how critical it is. Think about it. When we like someone we like everything about them. BUT when we don’t like someone, for whatever reason, we tend to find fault in everything …Read More

Just be nice to people

I recently got a phone call from an event management company on behalf of a large law firm. The lady in question had never heard of me, and when I asked her why she had phoned, she told me she had been recommended. When I asked her who recommended me she told me it was a very well known fellow professional speaker. This person and I had never met to …Read More

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