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Now you can develop your networking skills

Over the last 19 years I have shown thousands of clients working in the professions, businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and academia how to become more confident and effective networkers.

This invaluable skill is now available to learn at your desk, on your travels, at home… in fact anywhere.


My world and your world of work has changed since March 2020. But surely, business development and its training needs to continue.


The future of networking

At present we can’t, ‘work the room’ but how can you ensure all the time spent, on Zoom and other virtual communication channels, will be of any value?  There is nothing to beat physical networking but when you and I plan our strategy and take regular effective action I believe we can get close to the way we used to network. Included in my online training I share my thoughts on connecting physical & virtual networking.

My prediction is for years to come and maybe for ever, both forms of networking will become the norm. One major benefit will be the time and cost savings.


My updated online networking skills programme

For many there will be a mix of home and office working resulting in colleagues not gathering for training or internal events.

The original parts 1 – 4 include explanations where differences occur and the new part 5 is dedicated to only effective online networking skills. Check your particular sector.




…I’ll be delighted to give you free access to ‘test-drive’ the programme.

When you or a colleague think the time is right please get in touch. Perhaps try an old-fashioned call… 0044 7939 205719 or email


Why Online learning?

  • No travel time, no travel expenses…just pure learning time (and so much better for the environment!)
  • It is generally accepted face-to face interactive ‘live’ training is the best way to learn but with today’s time pressures online training is a very cost-effective and time- effective alternative.
  • You and your colleagues can learn anytime, anywhere and on any platform (PC, tablet or smart phone). “Learn to develop your networking skills on your way to work or whilst you’re waiting for a meeting start!”
  • Records are kept showing everyone’s progress
  • The topics covered are wholly comparable to those on my live training programme.
  • Everyone learns at their own pace
  • The whole programme is video-based
  • The programme is under 2 hours but covers everything you would learn in a full-day’s programme
  • Because you can view the programme as often as you wish the learning can be better embedded

The course has 5 parts

Understanding the basics
How to work a room
How to spot potential opportunities
How to follow up
How to become a successful online networker

This course can be purchased individually (see ‘Enrol Now’ Button for your profession) or, to buy a monthly corporate subscription, call Will on +44(161) 773 3727 or email

Here is a short introduction to the course

Everyone networks in a similar way but often for different reasons

I can brand the system individually for you and you can also tailor the content to match what you need. You may wish to record a welcome video.

I or you can also manage groups of users to give colleagues access to different content and finally you can see all the reports on user activity etc.

Costs and flexibility

  • One Monthly Fee – for as many colleagues as need the support
  • Cancel At Any Time
  • Get Access 24/7 – Laptop, Smartphone, and Tablet
  • View as many times as you wish

Just think before attending an event colleagues want to be reminded of what business questions to ask they just review the relevant section in part 2!

This programme has been developed in partnership with ‘Learn with Mobile’. If you have other topics you would like to develop online why not call or email Tim Thomas-Peter, the CEO to explore ideas and options? +44 (0)1260-221292 or

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