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Business Networking – The Survival Guide


Do you feel nervous or afraid when going to a business networking event? Unsure how to approach people, start up a conversation, or even worse… move on?

Don’t fear, my decades of experience in business networking have all been compiled into this one Survival Guide – your ideal companion for gaining confidence when “working the room”.

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What’s in the book?

What’s stopping you networking?

You know you need to do it and, like most people, you probably hate it.

Business Networking – The Survival Guide helps you overcome all your fears and concerns. Start navigating the networking jungle like an expert as you build your confidence, raise your profile, create new connections, strengthen your support network and open up exciting new opportunities.

Effective networking – both in person and online – has never been more vital. This indispensable, friendly guide will take you step by step through the whole process so you can quickly master:

  • Invitations – plan, prepare and make the best of LinkedIn
  • Meeting people – work the room, feel comfortable and start conversations
  • Spotting needs – work out what people want, ask the right questions and establish credibility
  • Reconnecting – follow up, keep in touch and win that pitch

Networking may be necessary, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

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