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How to move on after the conversation ends…

Often the hardest part when attending events, social or business. You can either ‘dump’ or ‘park’ them.When you realise it’s time to move , so do they. You’re both thinking the same thing as the pauses become more pregnant “How the heck to I get out of here without being rude.

Dumping. This means you use the drink, toilet or any other reason to move away.But I feel  the underlying  comment being made is ” Well it’s very nice to meet you but there are far more interesting people than you!” Maybe there’s a different way

Parking. The key action required  is to use an excuse to move from the spot and offer an option like ‘I’m going for a drink would you like to join me ?’ or ‘I see the food is being served would you like to attend?’ or ‘I’ve seen my friend Linda, can I introduce you?’ Moving through the crowd often creates a new situation. My experience tells me 9 times out 10 they don’t take up your offer as they want to meet others too.

The hanger-on. When they don’t know anyone and they feel nervous be warned they will take up any offer you’re making! So what to do? Simply offer to take them with you and hunt in pairs. “Shall WE go and meet some others?”.Look for open-formatted groups, approach with’Please may WE join you?’ Then it starts all over again and I am sure you can extricate yourself without your shadow.

When you do introduce one to another as the picture shows ensure you say nice things about both so they can start an easy conversation. Then in due course off you go.

And when they’re obnoxious dump ’em



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