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6 Useful and Courteous Messages: #3

  1. When I query an invitation

Thank you for inviting me to link in to your network.

Please forgive me and my memory; remind me where we have met or how you know me.

If you had a photo it may have made it much easier for me!!

You may say “Will Kintish’ are you losing it?” Well maybe I am but again I ask for forgiveness as in my role I meet literally thousands of people annually!


If we don’t know each other please share with me why you wish to link in. But I must apologise in advance. If we haven’t met then I will most likely graciously refuse your invitation.


I am being cautious as I want to be able to help, recommend and introduce all my level 1 contacts to anyone when asked. I know you will appreciate this would be difficult if we haven’t actually met.

I do hope you understand the reason for my question.


Kintish Business Networking Skills Group

If we haven’t met you may consider joining my group as we plan to send you lots of free information including free webinars and big discounts on training courses and products.

Best Wishes

Will Kintish

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