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“Say thank you, please.”

From the day we started to talk we were all told to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Good manners is good business even as we grow into adulthood.

When is it appropriate to say ‘thank you’?

1 When we get new work from a new or existing client

2 When our suppliers exceed our expectations

3 When a colleague helps out or goes the extra mile

4 When we receive an email with help or information

5 When we get a referral or introduction

6 When someone tells us something useful

7 When someone sends us something in the post

8 Yes, even when a prospect turns you down.

9. When someone emails you a personal message


How should we say thank you?

This depends on how much someone has done for you

1 Pick up the phone

2 Visit with an appropriate gift

3 Send an email

4 A typed-written letter

5 A hand-written letter

6 A hand-written card

7 Flowers, chocolates or drink

8 Vouchers for something appropriate to their interests

9 An invitation to an evening out ( watching carefully no third parties will get upset!)

10 A donation to their favourite charity

Old-fashioned courtesy and good manners is becoming so rare; when it happens it’s such a nice surprise!

Networking is building relationships. What a good idea to be old-fashioned!

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