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#Blog If you are in or joining a networking club… Part 1

If you are in or joining a networking club… …you may find these tips useful. 1. Turn up! People forget you when you’re not there. 2. Have a giving mentality. Work hard for your fellow members. Networking is about WIIFY (What’s in it for you) before WIIFM (What’s in it for me). 3. Get there early and try and ‘loiter’ afterwards. At the formal networking part of the meetings you …Read More

Check this to ensure you join the correct groups!

Are you into breaking and entering when you attend business events? Every event you ever attend never has more than 6 types of formats. They are The person standing alone usually against the wall Couples standing shoulder to shoulder in a ‘v’ formation Trios standing in a semi-circle Couple standing face-to-face Trios standing in a triangle Groups of 4 or more standing in a square or a circle depending on the …Read More

The man on the train shared his story.

Let me share it with you… I met someone today and we got chatting as you do. I asked what he did as you do and he told me, after being made redundant, for 3 years he had been a self-employed teacher sharing his knowledge on a specialist subject . He suggested he was doing pretty well. When I asked him how he got started he told me he wrote …Read More

“How well do you KNOW, I mean really know your connections?”

My Work and Personal Life My Work Life I left Bury Grammar School at 16 and spent the next 36 years training as, qualifying as and practising as a Chartered Accountant. An opportunity arose for me to have a career change after my accountancy firm was merged into a national business. Do you believe in fate? I do. 2 years before I left my accountancy career I was training as …Read More

“Will,don’t you ever feel down when it’s not going well?”

This was a question a delegate asked me last week. I thought about that interesting question and answered truthfully “Yes occasionally but only for a few moments” I explained about business rejection. If you are directly or indirectly involved in business development it is generally accepted the biggest barrier to being enthusiast about it is the fear of rejection. We don’t like hearing no which means we often don’t follow …Read More

“Anyone read this?”

It’s great but then I would say that would I? I wrote it!!!!!!!!!!! In summary I share my thoughts on The top 10 habits and skills of world-class networkers. 1.    They have good self-belief when attending group events 2.    They are proud of the work they do and the company they represent 3.    They are friendly, courteous and polite to everyone 4.    They share, they’re kind and they are generous 5.    They are reliable; they …Read More

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