Networking Skills

Are you a nosey parker? 1 – Ice Breakers.

I hope like me you are beginning to meet people where you’re in the same space. I am having coffees and lunches now and it’s wonderful. Yes, more time travelling and money has to be spent. But for me it’s worth it. What’s your view? “Are you a nosey parker?” This briefing goes around the world to my global audience so it’s possible some will never have heard of this …Read More


…nothing changes in the world of networking. As we come out of lockdown let me check we’re all ready to ‘work the room’ 1 Arrive early if you feel nervous. Most people feel uncomfortable so this is one way to avoid the issue. They then have to face you. Look for someone you don’t know standing alone and make the first move. Usually, they are not standing there by choice, they’re …Read More

Practical and Powerful Networking Tips – 30

We work with thousands of delegates when we hold our workshops, seminars and conferences and can confidently that state more than 98% of people don’t like networking, find it uncomfortable, or if they don’t mind it, generally find the results disappointing. If you are in the professional and service sector most of your business comes from referrals, recommendations and introductions. That’s great; it shows you have a good name and …Read More

We can’t actually be 3D visual at the moment.

Our ‘visibility’ can only be done through the screen, the phone or podcasts. My heart yearns for physical gatherings which hopefully will be reintroduced into our lives sometime this year. Sooner better than later. But in the meantime are you, like me, keeping in touch with past connections? Having those 1-2-1 virtual coffees? Are you writing articles, posts and blogs? Are you interviewing or being interviewed? Let me mention I …Read More

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