Building Relationships

“Will,don’t you ever feel down when it’s not going well?”

This was a question a delegate asked me last week. I thought about that interesting question and answered truthfully “Yes occasionally but only for a few moments” I explained about business rejection. If you are directly or indirectly involved in business development it is generally accepted the biggest barrier to being enthusiast about it is the fear of rejection. We don’t like hearing no which means we often don’t follow …Read More

“Anyone read this?”

It’s great but then I would say that would I? I wrote it!!!!!!!!!!! In summary I share my thoughts on The top 10 habits and skills of world-class networkers. 1.    They have good self-belief when attending group events 2.    They are proud of the work they do and the company they represent 3.    They are friendly, courteous and polite to everyone 4.    They share, they’re kind and they are generous 5.    They are reliable; they …Read More

“Would you say I am a bit of a ‘con man’?”

The definition of a con man is a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true. Oh dear is that me? I sincerely hope not but the reason I mention it is because all I do to earn money is tell people to talk to other people! Networking is simply building relationships and the only way this has …Read More

“Do you have BMW clients?”

I invited someone to a networking event and the reply came back “I’m sorry, I am unable to come due to work commitments”. Until you realise that networking and working the room IS work and is as important as completing the work itself, then networking will be seen as a waste of time. When you cull clients and customers who Pay late Always push your price down Never refer others …Read More

“Networking’s painful; it’s an unpleasant sales experience”

This is what Caroline said on one of my workshops recently. Fortunately for me that is the view of many people and why I still have a healthy flow of enquiries for my services! In 90 minutes her whole perception had changed when she accepted that the only selling we do is of ourselves, not our company or services. We will only ‘sell’ something when we have built rapport and …Read More

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