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This article is ONLY if you’re in the advice-giving business

Your low-cost marketing ideas for ‘advice-giving’ businesses FACTS There’s no business without paying clients The hardest thing in business is getting new clients If you are in a new or newish business (or even mature ones) can I suggest you spend all your time marketing, selling and promoting, when you’re not sharing your advice. My guess is you’d rather just do the work but, sorry, it just doesn’t work like …Read More

“How effective is your networking time?” If you don’t know; I do!

  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we attend an event and someone says, “You’re just the company we need; where do I sign?” Oh, what a lovely dream. In any conversation when we ask perceptive and insightful questions and listen carefully we should nearly always gain something useful from the interaction. I call it the “Ahaa” moment. It is that point in time when we have a sudden insight or realisation when the other person tells you something. It could …Read More

“Help! Help! Tell me, what is business?”

Can you see it? I can’t? The simple answer is there is no such thing; it’s just a word. In my opinion what makes a business is simply people communicating in a commercial arena. When you attend events (OMG networking!!) YOU ARE the physical embodiment of the business. There must be no selling of ‘the business’ or its services only of yourself. But never forget, whatever role you have when …Read More

#Blog Networking’s not really about the business!

If you are an employee and go networking remember it’s NEVER about the company you represent it’s all about YOU. You are the ambassador for the brand and will be seen as such in the eyes of the people you’re engaging with. No-one ever gets recommended to HSBC, KPMG, or any ‘advice-giving’ businesses; it is only the person who is recommended. Businesses of whatever size are just groups of people …Read More

“Are you the networking angel?”

How do we spot her or him sometimes? Networking is about having a generous spirit and the greatest thing any one person can give to another is their full attention .It is generally accepted women are far better listeners than men…it’s just one of the many differences between the behaviours of the two genders when networking. Other traits of angels are ·      They behave like ‘host’. Hosts aim to include as many …Read More

“Can you believe people do this at business events?” Surely not!

  I was presenting at an international conference recently. The audience were all highly intelligent people working towards gaining their MBA’s. I ran 3 sessions and on each occasion before I started to speak the audience sat there in silence or played on their phones. These were people who were going to be spending 12 months working together although at the point I was presenting they hadn’t all met each …Read More

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