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The Inside Out of Networking – Joy

If you have children between the ages of six and 16, the chances are you will have seen – or you will shortly see – the latest Pixar movie, Inside Out, this summer’s big blockbuster. http://movies.disney.co.uk/inside-out Inside the mind of an 11-year-old American girl called Riley are five emotions; Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear. They operate her moods from a control panel and are wrestling for control of the …Read More

The networking Angel – Part 2

Let’s now focus on the ANGEL. How do we spot her or him sometimes?  Networking is about having a generous spirit and the greatest thing any one person can give to another is their full attention .It is generally accepted women are far better listeners than men…it’s just one of the many differences between the behaviours of the two genders when networking.   Other traits of angels are:   They …Read More

The networking Angel – Part 1

    As we know Networking is simply building relationships. It is universally accepted people buy people before the service or product and when we like someone we tend to want to help them in whatever way we can. It’s all down to respect courtesy and good manners when we attend business events. There will be people there we know and potential new contacts who of course we will be …Read More

Follow Up and Through!

Perhaps the “Cardinal Rule” of networking is that once you’ve planted the seeds of a new relationship, you must follow up to maintain it. Whether it’s a business referral, job lead, or a professional connection, get in touch – within 24 hours – to say you enjoyed meeting them. “No one owes you anything, so you need to be as ingratiating as you can,” says Glickman. People who have taken …Read More

How to move on after the conversation ends…

Often the hardest part when attending events, social or business. You can either ‘dump’ or ‘park’ them.When you realise it’s time to move , so do they. You’re both thinking the same thing as the pauses become more pregnant “How the heck to I get out of here without being rude. Dumping. This means you use the drink, toilet or any other reason to move away.But I feel  the underlying  …Read More

6 Useful and Courteous Messages: #6

INTRODUCTIONS 6. To my level 2 connection Dear XXX You’ll see XXX has sent you an introduction, as I’d like to start to build a business relationship with you to our mutual benefit. In very simple terms, I show people how to become confident and effective networkers. I take delegates through a step-by-step process in how to work a room and follow up afterwards in a professional and confident manner. …Read More

6 Useful and Courteous Messages: #5

INTRODUCTIONS 5. To my level 1 connection Dear XXX In the spirit of networking, I would love an introduction to XXX (I DON’T NORMALLY SEND THE NEXT SENTENCE AS I WILL GENERALLY HAVE ESTABLISHED THE RELATIONSHIP BEFORE USING THE LINKEDIN INTRODUCTION SYSTEM) I obviously don’t know how well you know this person so if for whatever reason you are unable to send this across, don’t worry, we won’t fall out! …Read More

6 Useful and Courteous Messages: #4

4. When I decline an invitation   (I ONLY DO THIS WHEN I GET A PERSONAL MESSAGE. IF IT JUST A DEFAULT ONE –LINER I PRESS THE IGNORE BUTTON AND SOMETIMES REPORT AS SPAM OR SAY I DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON)   Thank you for your kind invitation to your network.   Please do not be upset but at this moment I am unable to accept as I don’t …Read More

6 Useful and Courteous Messages: #3

When I query an invitation Thank you for inviting me to link in to your network. Please forgive me and my memory; remind me where we have met or how you know me. If you had a photo it may have made it much easier for me!! You may say “Will Kintish’ are you losing it?” Well maybe I am but again I ask for forgiveness as in my role …Read More

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