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A Masterclass In Networking

A Masterclass In Networking… Everything you need to know to ensure you get the most from business events and feel comfortable when attending! **New 2019 dates** Now available to book online:    

Are you the beauty or the beast when attending events?

There are nice people and not so nice people when we attend events. I guess everywhere we go that is the same. However, when we attend business events we often sacrifice personal time as a result extend our ‘work’ time. I think the biggest wrongdoing when we go networking is wasting time. Time- our most valuable asset which can never be replaced after we’ve expended it. So, it ‘s a …Read More

Make yourself someone they want to talk to…

I recently asked a young person what they thought it took to be an effective networker. The headline was her answer. I knew this but had never heard it put in such perceptive words. Learning something every day is the key to staying at the top of your game, I believe. So, how do you and I make ourselves someone others want to talk to? Here’s my thoughts ·      Because so …Read More

After the event… don’t do nothing!!

Immediately after the event When you meet a prospect at an event please don’t waste the potential opportunity….. FOLLOW UP ·      Record your follow up actions so you don’t forget. When you have promised to call a prospect, put it in your diary as if it’s an appointment with an existing client. Don’t forget to record the number they agreed to allow you to call. ·      If the contact date is longer …Read More

The Choreography of a Conversation

  Choreography is the art or practice of designing sequences of physical actions into attractive dance, ice skating or ballet movements. So how can I align this to a conversation? Whilst I do not wish to make it firm, which is often expected in physical movement, I do believe there are 4 main ‘steps’ in a conversation at a business event. 1.      This must be the ice-breaker. For example, ‘Where have you travelled from?’ …Read More

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