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As you and I end one year for the next remember…

“I fear failure and rejection that’s why I don’t…. …follow up as often as I should.” That is the constant cry I hear from delegates when talking about following up after a conversation where you thought “Ahaa there could be some business here”. As you and I end one year for the next remember you can’t create need but where your expertise matches their problem you are following to ADD …Read More

Do you do serendipitous or strategic networking?

The answer is you and I always do the one but not always the other. Whether you like it or not if you accept networking is simply building relationships we do it every day. It might not always be with ‘new’ people but, unless we lie in bed alone all day, we reinforce existing relationships. The word ‘networking’ creates all sorts of fears and anxieties and yet boiling it down …Read More

Likeability v Knowledgeability

Knowledgeability – Definition possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding; intelligent; well-informed; discerning; perceptive. Likeability – Definition Readily or easily liked  Wow two long words but what a powerful cocktail when you and I want to succeed in our business or career. I’m guessing no-one has knowledge of a product or service which is unique. We’d like to think we have but there is always someone else who can provide ‘it’ …Read More

Hard Skills v Soft Skills

In your world of work, ‘hard skills’ are technical procedures related to your core business. Examples include the latest law, rules and regulations in your area of expertise, or industry. Ironically enough, these ‘hard’ skills are typically easy to observe, quantify and measure. They’re also generally easier to train because most of the time it is actually just knowledge being taught. The facts one learns are generally right or wrong …Read More

What to do when a conversation runs dry…

A roomful of moving lips, bright eyes and expectant handshakes can make time fly faster than usual. Networking allows us to put our best foot forward, so you might be tempted to let a conversation drag on for as long as possible, fearful that moving on would be rude. But you must never forget that networking should be selective if you want to make useful gains. You aren’t going to …Read More

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