March 2012

If I hadn’t…

…approached the other speaker Jeremy Cassell he wouldn’t have me given his book. Brilliant Selling. Having read it there was lots of useful advice which I shared with Shona my business development manager. As a result she will create more business for the company. If you don’t go you’ll never know.

Networking scenario … has this happened to you?

“I can’t help you here; sorry” When asked a question about networking I am pleased to admit it is rare when I don’t know the answer. But recently I was posed this scenario. A young lady representing a powerful networking club decided to attend an event to listen to a topic she was particularly interested in. Understanding that it is never all about the presentation she got there early to …Read More

Don’t let this happen to you….it won’t when you do some planning

It was the seminar coffee break, and we’d just covered the section planning and preparation before going to a business related event. Mark (not his real name) said to me “Will, I wish this course had been on 2 days ago.” “Why?” I asked. This is a true story told by Mark. “A message came through my P.A. saying I was invited to an event by a major supplier 7.30pm-9.00pm …Read More

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