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LinkedIn Training

This session is for those who are registered, rarely use it and now feel they need to get into the ‘nooks and crannies’ of LinkedIn. It is intended for anyone who wants to have a professional online presence in general and for those working  in the marketing and communications departments in particular.

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Gain more business opportunities at virtually no cost
  • Make the very most of their time whilst networking online
  • Take full advantage of the most effective social networking platform for business
  • Intelligently find new business contacts and business opportunities
  • Incorporate business development into your daily routine
  • Instantly get up to speed with modern business development methods
  • … get some serious results from LinkedIn!

Topics (All or most of these will be covered depending on time allocated)

  • Understanding why we network both offline and online
  • Relating LinkedIn (a social network) with face-to-face networking
  • Explaining the connectivity between the various levels of your network
  • How to build a powerful, dynamic profile to create your professional image
  • Be in control of your privacy using the Settings button effectively
  • Managing invitations; who should you accept invitations from?
  • How to benefit from your level 1 and level 2 connections
  • How to broker important introductions
  • How to behave courteously and what are the right etiquettes when using LinkedIn
  • Managing recommendations
  • Saving substantial recruitment costs
  • How and why you should use the status box
  • Search for references
  • Exporting your contacts
  • Increasing visibility on your website and emails
  • Detailed understanding of the advanced search button
  • Getting the best from your company profile and researching other company profiles
  • Understanding the power of groups and how to set up your own group
  • Premium Account – should you have one?
  • Creating your personal (and company strategy where relevant) action plan

To These sessions will be run by Nigel Cliffe of ValueExchange. He is a close associate of mine and is a true authority in the art and skills of social media in general and LinkedIn in particular.

For further information, in the first instance please contact me at