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When you are asked ’What do you do?’ answer with a noun, not a verb! When I’m asked:

At the heart of what I do is simple

I show you how to become effective online networkers.

>>>> And sometimes I add. <<<<

And the result is you will create more business opportunities.

Guidelines to asking questions

Quality of questions = quality of answers

Listen & look ( high / low reactors)

Who, what, where, when, which, how, why

Avoid interrupting, answering in advance and high jacking!

When you’re not in full control of the conversation don’t feel vulnerable or embarrassed. Use 3 ‘commands’ to understand and gain understanding and showing genuine interest.

Meet T. E. D.

Tell    Explain    Describe 

When you leave a conversation thinking ‘I wish I’d asked that’ remember

Fear is temporary; regret is permanent.

There are 5 Areas of questioning

Small talk
Follow up


Avoid starting your relationship with ‘What do you do?’ Find something in common.

At face-to face events ‘Where have you travelled from?’ ‘What made you attend this event?’ ‘ Have you been to this venue before’?

Online ‘How’s your day gone so far?’ ‘What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?’ ‘’That’s an interesting background, tell me more’


Break your questions into 3 sections

Below are some questions you may use for your next business event

Present questions 

What do you do?
What’s your role or responsibilities?
What problem does your business solve? 
What’s your marketplace?
How much competition do you have?
How do you get your business?
How’s the year going so far?
How did you get started in business?
What made you become an xxxxxxx ?
How long has the business been going?
How long have you been there?

Questions about them

What do you like about your job?
What are you focused on at the moment? 
What has been your greatest success in work / business?
What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Who has inspired you in your career?
What’s the best / worst decision you’ve ever made?

Questions about their past and the company history

How did you get started in business?
What made you become an xxxxxxx ?
How long has the business been going?
How long have you been there?


This is the glue which binds and bonds relationships


Where people live/ lived/ going to live
Sports interests hobbies
Current events -avoid politics and religion
Family – be sensitive. Don’t ask if they are married or if they have children. 

When you don’t ask enough questions people might think…..

  • You only want to talk about yourself.
  • You don’t really care to hear what others have to say
  • You are overconfident thinking you won’t learn anything


  • You worry you will ask the wrong questions and upset the other person.
  • You worry you won’t understand the answer or appear stupid.
  • You don’t understand the benefits good questions will produce.

When you do ask

You make them feel very special