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How many groups or clubs do you attend?

How often do you arrange or accept 1-2-1 meetings?


How proactive are you on LinkedIn? 

Are you careful about who you add into your network?

Sending invitations. Do you ALWAYS

Send a personal invitation?

When you use your phone don’t start with the ‘Connect’ button’; use the ‘More’ button to find the link to personalise your invitation.

Example of an invitation to a ‘stranger’:

Dear xxxx, Can I begin by saying I don’t think we have met. But every business relationship starts somewhere. Please check my profile which I hope you find informative. I look forward to us being connected.

Reply after accepting an invitation or someone accepts yours.

Here is a sample of a message to consider:

Thank them for accepting your ( or their) invitation

Say something personal e.g hope they are keeping safe during the pandemic or another personal message 

Maybe suggest they look at your connections and if THE TIMINGS IS RIGHT offer to make an introduction

Share some of your knowledge and expertise

Wish them every success for the future 

When you’re not sure whether to accept an invitation maybe send this message

Thank them for their invitation

Say something personal

Ask if and where you have previously met

Suggest if you don’t know each other it will be harder to introduce and help each other

Say you look forward to hearing from them 

You rarely do!! That way it keeps your LinkedIn network ’clean’