The Online Networking Skills Programme for Not for profit and Charities

When one hears the word networking, people often associate it with marketing, selling and promotion. Whilst that is partially true, everyone in the world from about the age of 2, networks. Why?

Because networking is simply building relationships. It’s all about communication. These days, with the growth of social media and the mobile phone, the art of face to face contact can sometimes be overlooked. But there can never be a substitute for making good connections, by attending both internal and external events.

It will be good for you to network when you want to:

  • Build partnerships with business and industry
  • Create partnerships with other departments and outside organisations
  • Find a new employee for your team
  • Create new opportunities with supporters
  • Get others to know what you and your organisation do
  • Increase your knowledge of your marketplace
  • Meet key people and decision makers for partnerships and fundraising

Over the years I have helped tens of thousands of professionals become more confident and effective when networking and now this invaluable resource is available without you having to leave your desk!

What an early user of this online programme said:

Quintessentially Kintish!
I have had the pleasure of seeing Will deliver his Masterclasses Business Networking Skills on several occasions, and have had 121 coaching from Will on several occasions.   Whilst nothing can replace seeing him perform in person, delighting his audience from the stage with his deeply practical and effective advice, this online programme is an excellent alternative.
Structured into bite size snippets, this product is perfectly structured for busy people who want to improve their confidence, competence and motivation for business networking.

Diane Johnson – Owner/Director
Straight Talk Coaching & HR Services Limited


Part 1 The secrets of great networkers (30 Minutes)

  • Introduction
  • The ‘What is’ and the ‘Why of’ networking
  • Peoples’ fears and concerns
  • Planning and preparation
  • Preparing mentally before attending
  • Creating your first impression
  • How to get people to like us
  • How to get people to trust us
  • The Kintish networking process
  • Which invitations to accept
  • In summary

An excerpt from Part 1

Part 2 ‘How to work a room’ (22 minutes)

  • How to feel in command and control
  • How to start a conversation
  • Approaching and leaving groups
  • Moving on when the conversation ends
  • Introducing people
  • Managing rejection and rude people
  • In Summary

An excerpt from Part 2

Part 3 How to spot potential opportunities (20 Minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Guidelines for asking questions
  • Ice breaker questions
  • The important business questions
  • Questions about their existing relationships
  • Small talk topics
  • Dealing with business cards
  • In Summary

An excerpt from Part 3

Part 4 How to follow up (14 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Overcoming your phone call fears
  • Preparing for the call
  • Various scripts and dealing with their responses
  • In summary

An excerpt from Part 4

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