The Online Networking Skills Programme for Accountants

From new trainee to senior accountant, I show you how to become more successful, build your self-confidence, gain more clients, and increase profits with my new online networking skills workshop.

Because I had over 35 years’ experience as a practicing Chartered Accountant, I bring you an insight into the fundamentals of networking from an accountant’s perspective. I believe I understand your goals and aspirations and in today’s competitive world you know that there is more to accountancy than just crunching numbers.

I help you become more proactive and embrace business development as an integral part of your daily work life.

As a result of the training, you will:

  • Be willing to accept more business invitations
  • Meet more people and therefore build more relationships
  • Understand the best questions to ask
  • Know how to move the relationship to the next stage
  • Create more meetings with prospects
  • Become more business minded

Over the years I have helped tens of thousands of professionals become more confident and effective when networking and now this invaluable resource is available without you having to leave your desk!


Part 1 The secrets of great networkers (30 Minutes)

  • Introduction
  • The ‘What is’ and the ‘Why of’ networking
  • Peoples’ fears and concerns
  • Planning and preparation
  • Preparing mentally before attending
  • Creating your first impression
  • How to get people to like us
  • How to get people to trust us
  • The Kintish networking process
  • Which invitations to accept
  • In summary

An excerpt from Part 1

Part 2 ‘How to work a room’ (22 minutes)

  • How to feel in command and control
  • How to start a conversation
  • Approaching and leaving groups
  • Moving on when the conversation ends
  • Introducing people
  • Managing rejection and rude people
  • In Summary

An excerpt from Part 2

Part 3 How to spot potential opportunities (20 Minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Guidelines for asking questions
  • Ice breaker questions
  • The important business questions
  • Questions about their existing relationships
  • Small talk topics
  • Dealing with business cards
  • In Summary

An excerpt from Part 3

Part 4 How to follow up (14 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Overcoming your phone call fears
  • Preparing for the call
  • Various scripts and dealing with their responses
  • In summary

An excerpt from Part 4

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