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The salesman…did he get the order?

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I met a man today who had some software I was interested in. When we met I immediately told him I was a ‘hurry up ‘ man. I asked to cut to the chase and tell me how he thought the software could be useful to me. This nice man was basically a technician not a salesman. To his credit he brought a presentation and in spite of my opening words had to go through it slide by slide! I was patient …to a point but it did take us nearly 1 hour before he said something along the lines “So what can I do for you?”
Will we do business? Who knows? Time will tell.

When you go and meet a prospect ask what they want , listen, and try to give benefit-based answers. Then ASK FOR THE BUSINESS!

1 thought on “The salesman…did he get the order?”

  1. In addition to your observation about the “techie” – this is of paramount importance. Drummed into me as trainee salesman.

    From my Blog in August

    Thursday, August 31, 2006
    Times change, (sales) values don’t……………………

    Just came across a piece of A4 paper with some comments penned by my first sales manager, Tony Butler. Tony was one of the best in the photocopier business.

    This is all about getting that order. ( please read him/her for him)

    1. Did I commit him to performance of the machine?

    2. Did I commit him to cost of machine?

    3. Did I ask for the order?

    4. If I did not get the order – did I commit him to when I will get the order?


    posted by Jeremy Jacobs at Thursday, August 31, 2006

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