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Suppliers are as important as customers

“They ” say clients are the most important group of people in any business. I can agree they are key, without them there is no business. However, if you don’t have great suppliers and these include employees, then your business will not grow or run efficiently.
6 months ago I fell out with one of my suppliers. Things were going wrong, I was getting frustrated and I decided to change.

Oh, what a mistake. I went to no. 2 and things didn’t seem to get any better . We then met someone at an exhibition and started to talk. But somehow or other I just wasn’t 100% sure, there was something ‘not quite right’. I suppose the final straw, and the reason I didn’t do business with them was the language they used when writing to me.
“You will…” “Unless we…” “We cannot…until…” and this was before they got a signed order!

I swallowed my pride, put my big ego in the drawer and called my first supplier.
After all they are people I know , like and trust.

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