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Social distancing is a nonsense, yes it really is. Why?

Social Distancing

We have all been hearing this phrase since the virus appeared and a few weeks in I realised ‘they’ didn’t mean it. What ‘they’ really meant was physical distancing. “Stay 2 metres apart” has been the cry. But, in my view when we socially distance, we aren’t communicating!

My theory
There’s no business or career opportunities without networking.

Why? Because networking is just communicating.

And without communication how can we build business or even social relationships?  


For 20 years I have been showing my clients and audiences how to feel confident when entering the room. Now the only rooms we can enter are virtual break out rooms. But don’t despair. In both arenas, we introduce or reintroduce ourselves, break the ice with small talk, laugh, discuss business, share ideas and thoughts… Hey just like real networking. I hope you’re doing all these things because I think even after the Covid virus is destroyed we will be mixing and matching Zoom and Room.
“What do YOU do?”
Someone asks you “What do you do?” and you respond with your best “elevator speech” but nobody seems to be interested.
When you’re asked this it’s your big moment to create a picture in your listener’s mind as to what you’re all about.  Do you want them to have a boring black and white picture or an attractive, fascinating and colourful one? Find out what they do first then tailor your answer to their situation. In other words the answer to THE QUESTION should be flexible.
The question is ‘What do you do?’ NOT ‘What are you?’
By saying you’re an accountant, solicitor, surveyor, banker, researcher or manager allows the listener to immediately form their opinion of you.  If you’re happy with this, fine, read no further.
If you start talking jargon, i.e. your “industry speak” this can sometimes make the other person uncomfortable. Surely you won’t want that.

In the next blog, I’ll explain how best to answer this question…

Wishing you a successful week ahead. 

Will Kintish

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