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My 1000+ mile hike and a great question “How do you find them?”​

My 1000 + mile hike

I read a magazine called Country Walking and when Covid arrived readers were set a 1000 mile challenge in the next 12 months. I said to Mrs K ‘No way can we do that!’ But you know what in the last 12 months we walked 1314 miles?. Look! I can prove it, it shows up on my HEALTH App. on my iPhone. The exercise has kept us healthy and sane in this lock down period. How’s your keeping fit regime?

 My theory of networking

There’s little or no business or career success without networking. Why? Because networking is simply communicating and without communication how can we build relationships. Online or face-to-face is very similar when it comes to your networking activites.

At the heart of what I do is simple. I show you how to develop your online networking and presentation skills

IN THE CLASSROOM, ‘live’ albeit remotely.

3 courses to suit your work timetable and budgets (1hour, 2 hours, half days

Call me on 07939 205719 or email to explore ideas and options.

2.Talk more type less

Have you joined Clubhouse the new social network?

I have and have just set up the Kintish networking Skills club talking about…guess what?

Be careful it can become addictive and be aware there are thousands in other clubs (it’s global – 24 hours) who have little to say other than self-promote.

In a few months it has attracted millions of members and I think there are 2 key reasons for its mega growth.

  1. People do like to communicate through voice and
  2. Many people are stuck at home (house arrest I call it!) and are lonely

3.Questions about their present advisors/ suppliers

We generally attend business events to build relationships with the ultimate aim of ‘doing business’. When you have covered ice breakers, small talk and business questions consider moving into, what could be described as, a sensitive area.


Do you mind me asking, who do you use for your xxxx

  • How long have you been with them?
  • What made you choose them?
  • (KEY QUESTION) How do you find them?
  • If they say great, find out why
  • If they say anything else, try one of these
  • If there’s one thing you’d like them to do differently what would it be?
  • What are you looking for from your xxxx?
  • If they complain badly ask ‘Why are you still with them?’
  • If you think it worth following up say to yourself TIME TO FOLLOW UP

Time for action

When we get back to physical networking suggest you exchange cards. Comment on the card then say ‘A few moments ago you said you weren’t that happy with your existing xxx. “How do you feel if I call you in the next couple of days to continue this conversation and if you think it worth it we can set up a meeting?”

(If you are talking to a decision maker get your electronic calendar out and suggest you set up the meeting there and then)

If you meet people in an online group or on Clubhouse invite them on Linkedin reminding where you ‘met’ and if they accept suggest a call or Zoom to move the relationship to the next step.


Learn anywhere anyplace anytime using your PC, phone or tablet.

My new updated online learning programme, covering both face-to-face and online networking skills?

The original parts 1 – 4 include explanations where differences occur and the new part 5 is dedicated to only effective online networking skills. Check your particular sector. There will be a specialised course for you, check out the link. .


…I’ll be delighted to give you free access to ‘test-drive’ the programme

Before I leave…

2 Questions to ask yourself

 1. “Am I proactive or reactive in my business life?”

  1. “How visible am I?”

Have a successful month.

Will Kintish

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