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20 Tips on what to ask for in a testimonial:

It doesn’t matter how brilliant you tell your prospects you are. What is far more important is what your clients and customers say.
Testimonials can be very comforting for potential new clients. here are some ideas to consider.

1. Three problems your client faced before you came along.
2. How delighted and happy your client is with your services.
3. How easy and fulfilling it is to work with you.
4. Would they recommend your services to anyone else.
5. How does your client feel by taking up your services.
6. How easy is it to do business with you?
7. Why do they continue to do business with you?
8. Why are they loyal customers?
9. What would you say to someone who has never heard of you before?
10. What is unique about your service.
11. What changes has your client seen in themselves since getting
involved with you.
12. Make sure your client puts your testimonial on their letterhead.
13. Ask them not to date it so it doesn’t become out of date.
14. Always give your client a deadline for when you need the
testimonial back.
15. Ask your client verbally
16. Send them a prepaid envelope to send it back
17. Thank your client with a thank you card
18 Or with something more substantial if it leads to business
19. Don’t date testimonials
20. Write testimonials for your clients and educate where you can. Help them to increase their own referrals

Where to use testimonials?

1. Frame them for reception and office
2. Use on packaging
3. Direct mail campaigns
4. In your welcome pack
5. Photocopy on to coloured paper and send to your support network
6. Extract bits for sales letters
7. Use on your web site
8. Place in a folder to show potential clients
9. Add photos to testimonial
10. Use for audio and video to place on audio and website
11. Read them when you are feeling down

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