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Networking Skills for Business Schools and Universities

Increasing Networking Skills for Business Schools, Universities and Colleges

Academic institutions  are made up of:

  • Students – undergraduates and post graduates
  • International and Alumni connections
  • Knowledge Transfer and Business Development personnel
  • Researchers, Professors and Lecturers
  • Support teams to keep everything together!

“I can’t visit”

All my training has been me presenting “live”. In the world we now find ourselves I now offer my expertise also ‘live’ using video conferencing:

Or you can subscribe to my new online programme which includes the major differences between face-to-face networking and online networking. There is a full section dedicated to online networking skills, details here: online programme.

As a result of the training, you will:

  • Understand how to create a top-class impression in front of the camera
  • Meet more people and therefore build more relationships
  • Understand the best questions to ask
  • Know how to move the relationship to the next stage
  • Create more meetings with prospects
  • Become more business minded


Everyone in each of those groups needs to match their networking capabilities with the study, research and academic achievements gained. The following benefits will ensue:

  • Build partnerships and collaboration with business and industry
  • Make research more commercial and successful, encouraging wider impact on society and the economy
  • Create partnerships with internal departments and external organisations
  • Find a new employee for your team
  • Find out what the competition is doing
  • Find people who supply goods and services you may need
  • Get known by others
  • Get others to know what you do
  • Find your dream job
  • Increase your knowledge of your marketplace or specialist area of expertise
  • Meet key people and decision makers for partnerships and fundraising
  • Raise your own and your organisation’s profile

We show people in the various groups how to work a room and, when you spot a potential opportunity to move the relationship forward, we help you to make that follow up call.

And if LinkedIn is important and you need to be more effective with its functions we guide you there too.

We have created a networking system to make it so simple for you to learn. Our extensive research over the past ten years shows 99% of people fear networking. Your 3 key fears are fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of the unknown. We destroy those fears for you ensuring you attend every conference, internal events and general business event, in the right frame of mind.

The Business Networking Process

I have developed a system to ensure career and business success when you follow the arrows.

Watch The Business Networking Process by Will Kintish

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For more information on any of our in-house courses, then please contact me on +44 (0) 161 773 3727 or

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