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Networking Skills for the Banking and Insurance industries

Networking skills for the Insurance and Banking communities

The business talk is all about growth, new openings and a general positive outlook for the economy.

But how do these opportunities arrive? There can only be 2 ways. One is to do a good job, provide a great service and trust in recommendations and referrals. That is good news but it means you are relying on 3rd parties to dictate the speed of growth of your business.

The other method is to be proactive and create relationships through extending your own network by attending more business events. It’s called networking, an activity which produces great results but only when done effectively and with confidence.

“I can’t visit”

All my training has been me presenting “live”. In the world we now find ourselves I now offer my expertise also ‘live’ using video conferencing:

Or you can subscribe to my new online programme which includes the major differences between face-to-face networking and online networking. There is a full section dedicated to online networking skills, details here: online programme.

As a result of the training, you will:

  • Understand how to create a top-class impression in front of the camera
  • Meet more people and therefore build more relationships
  • Understand the best questions to ask
  • Know how to move the relationship to the next stage
  • Create more meetings with prospects
  • Become more business minded


Most people admit they have a negative approach to this fundamental business skill. “I don’t like selling; it’s dirty; I find it very uncomfortable.”

Business Networking – The Survival Guide

Maybe you would like to read my book on networking?

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