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Advanced Business Networking Skills

How often, returning from an event have you thought “That hasn’t been a good use of my time?” The most important and scarcest resource we own is time so it is vital you get the most from your time you spend networking.

This powerful and fast-paced workshop is for the more experienced networker who has no particular fears ‘working the room’ but feels you don’t get enough return from your investment of time.

It will be focused on 2 key skills which often need improving:

  1. Questioning and listening.
  2. Following up after the event

This seminar takes you through the more intensive questioning techniques to enable you to spot the opportunity then the follow up process step-by-step explaining exactly what to do and what to say in every circumstance.

Summary of Topics

Personal skills and personality traits

  • What personal skills and personality traits do you believe are needed to be an effective networker?

How to create the right impression

  • Talking –v– listening
  • Suggested guidelines for the small talk conversation

Asking the pertinent business questions

  • Understanding the timeline
  • Ask about the relationship with their existing advisors
  • Six key words when asking questions

Working The Room (This could be a coffee break additional option)

  • Understanding the group formats
  • Moving On – with respect and courtesy
  • Introductions
  • Dealing with rejection and rude people

Spotting a potential opportunity

  • How to deal with business cards
  • Pestering or persisting? – Understanding how to behave

Making follow up calls

Before the call

  • Immediately after the event
  • Why people hesitate following up
  • What might they say when you ask for a meeting
  • Destroying  all fears
  • Before you pick up the phone – prepare and plan
  • What might happen when you make the call?
  • Working a script for the voicemail / gatekeeper / prospect

How to deal with all the various objections

Keeping in touch and keeping a record

Call me on +44 (0) 161 773 3727 or email to explore ideas and options.